MAJOR CONNECTORS. DEFINITION. The MAJOR CONNECTOR is that part of a RPD that joins the component parts on one side of the arch to those on the. Major Connectors. BDS III year. RPD Lecture. Timing- PM. Dr Deeksha Arya . Associate Professor. Department of prosthodontics. Components of a typical. Major Connectors IN RPD – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. DENTISTRY-.

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Creation of the Finite Element Model Step 1 The maxilla was created using the cross section sketch options. Clinical Dentistry Volume 5 Revised ed. The anterior connector may be extended anteriorly to support anterior tooth replacements.

Acceptability of maxillary major connectors in removable partial dentures

This component also provides the cross-arch stability to help resist displacement by functional stresses. On the other hand the maximum displacements in the buccal—distal direction with the same vertical load were found in class I Anteroposterior palatal strap major connector where as the smallest maximum buccal displacement was found in class IV Anteroposterior palatal connectors.

A correctly designed linguoplate will engage the remaining teeth to help resist horizontal rotations. Presentation Description No description available.


The inferior border of the planned major connector can then be located at the height of the lingual sulcus of the cast resulting from such an impression. Both the linguoplate and the cingulum bar ideally should have a terminal rest at each end, regardless on the need for indirect retention. The lingual bar and the linguoplate are by far the most common connechors connectors used in mandibular removable partial dentures. Design of Maxillary Major Connectors Blatterfein described five basic steps and is certainly applicable to most maxillary removable partial denture situations Step 1: D, Rest seat areas on the posterior teeth are outlined, and minor connectors for retention of resin denture bases are sketched.

All the 15 patients treated in this study reported that the maxillary major connectors interfered with speaking. To provide a visible finishing line for the casting Mwjor This is accomplished by lining the ready-made form underneath with a sheet of gauge casting wax rather than altering the original half-pear shape.


Abstract Background The choice of connector lies between plate, a bar or a combination of bars, which may cross the palate in various positions. The mzjor of this study is to use finite element method to Determine the deflections seen in maxillary removable partial denture frameworks under simulated occlusal load. J Indian Prosthodont Soc.

5: Major and Minor Connectors | Pocket Dentistry

The geometry is taken from the radiographic images and drawn in the sketches. Single Palatal Strap Bilateral tooth-supported prostheses, even those with short edentulous spaces, are effectively connected with a single, broad palatal strap connector, particularly when the edentulous areas are located posteriorly Such a connector can be made rigid without objectionable bulk and interference with the tongue provided the cast framework material is distributed in three planes.

References The major connector cpnnectors the components of a removable partial denture RPD on one side of the arch to those on the opposite side. Fig 3c Limiting points on palatal strap. During function like mastication and deglutition the framework of the removable partial denture undergo stress and these stress points deform the denture from its final position.

In this example, the straight superior margin can be bulky at the cingulum region, causing tongue discomfort. Four mandibular frameworks were prepared cinnectors that they could be attached to the mandibular metal model.

Single palatal bar 6. At the same time, because of its anterior location, the cross-sectional area is not affected as much as in the palatal plate and palatal strap major connectors during the waxing stage; amjor, it is placed third in decreasing order of deformation amount.

Each component braces the others against possible torque and flexure. The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. It is usually made of reinforced, 6-gauge, half-pear—shaped wax or a similar plastic pattern Figure Material and methods Fifteen consecutive patients attending the prosthetic out-patient clinic of the Dental Center, University College Hospital, Ibadan who had never worn dentures were recruited into the study.

This supports the result obtained in another study 9 where metal borders parallel to the tongue were better tolerated than transverse borders. A questionnaire was administered to ascertain their reactions to each of the three denture designs.

Log In or Register to continue. Support is provided by multiple rests on the remaining natural teeth. This is most effectively accomplished when a rigid major connector joins the portion of the prosthesis receiving the function to selected regions throughout the arch. However, it has been reported that most metal bases are preferred to acrylic resin bases fonnectors temperature changes are transmitted through the metal base to the underlying tissues, thereby helping to maintain the health of tissues.


Literature claims that an Anteroposterior palatal strap is more rigid and also showed the least deformation among the maxillary major connectors [ 367 ]. Single palatal strap 2. To provide vertical support the removable partial denture framework should be designed to engage the tooth that encourages axial loading so that the stresses are directed towards the long axis of the tooth.

Using the cinnectors element system static load was applied to the various designs of chrome cobalt partial denture frameworks on the saddle area. The anteroposterior bar connector on the other hand has been described as a configuration that is also commonly used in cases of bilateral bounded saddles Outline the superior border of the major connector FigureC. The film pairs mm apart were superimposed over each other by special analytic equipment Planicomp C, Carl Zeiss and changed to three-dimensional models.

However in a recent study of denture wearers all the patients showed a reduced performance in masticatory ability Do not impinge on oral tissue when the restoration is placed, is removed, or rotates in function.

The aim of this study is to compare subjective patients’ reactions to three maxillary major connectors: Anteroposterior bar major connectors showed the least deformation among the maxillary major connector types tested. This observation is similar to other findings 38914 which have also independently spoken favorably about the high acceptability of the maxillary metal bar major connector.

Several authorities have reported that acrylic resin may be preferred over the thinner metal base for aesthetic reasons. A finite element analysis does not produce formula as a solution, nor does it solve a class of problems.