Ley Orgánica de Prevención, Condiciones y Medio Ambiente de Trabajo. Working Conditions and Working Environment -LOPCYMAT- is to lay down. de Enseñanza Superior Confederación Venezolana de Industriales Consejo Orgánica de Comunicación Ley Orgánica Electoral LOJL LOPCYMAT LOSP. ley lopcymat venezuela pdf to excel. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, 20 am. Looking for ley lopcymat venezuela pdf to excel. Will be grateful for any.

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Another important document for all nations of the world were the Guidelines on occupational safety and health management systems ILO-OSH Lactating women have two half hour breaks per day to feed their children in the nursing room or two breaks of 1 hour and a half if there is not nursing room at workplace.

Employers shall develop and maintain an surveillance system of occupational accidents and epidemiological diseases in accordance with the provisions of the OSH legislation. Besides, the Organic Labour Law of May 7,sets out provisions concerning the work of venezuwla, pregnant and lactating workers, working conditions, and the Labour Inspectorate, among others.

The employer shall report the occupational accident or disease to the National OSH Institute, the OSH Committee and the workers’ union, 24 hours after the accident occurred or the disease was diagnosed. The manufacturers, importers le suppliers shall provide employers with the necessary information for the use and handling of machinery, equipment, products, raw materials and working tools.

The Ministry responsible for health and safety at work shall formulate and assess the national OSH policy. The National Training Institute. Organic Labour Law, Arts. Employers shall adopt all the necessary measures to ensure workers the adequate safety and health and the appropriate working conditions.

Our services Leey medical evaluations Courses in occupational safety and health Specials tests audiometry, spirometry, radiographic studies and other Risk assessment for work Industrial hygiene studies Ergonomic studies Counseling and audits for companies in the legal areas, safety and industrial hygiene and occupational health Department of Safety and Health at Work.

Workers have the right to periodic preventive medical examinations and full access to information contained therein, as well as confidentiality of the medical results. The Ministry responsible for occupational health and safety.

ley lopcymat venezuela pdf to excel

Domestic workers are expressly included within the scope of application of the Organic Law on Prevention, Working Conditions and Working Environment Art. Those who import substances potentially harmful to the health of workers, as classified by the National Institute for Prevention, Health and Safety at Work, shall comply with venezzuela provisions and provide a certificate of free sale in their country of origin. One of the most important documents that were generated was the OHSAS standard, based on vneezuela systems and occupational health and safety workplace.


Employers shall design a prevention policy for the workplace and elaborate an OSH programme. Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of – The Organic Labour Law defines the following categories of workers: The list of occupational diseases does not exclude other diseases which may be considered as occupational ones Title III.

Workers have the right to refuse to work in a situation, or remove themselves from a situation which they have a reasonable justification to believe presents an imminent or serious danger to their life or health. The activity shall resume when the OSH Committee determines so.

LOPCYMAT Venezuela Download APK for Android – Aptoide

Supervision and inspection vfnezuela OSH Committees of workplaces,establishments or holdings. Manufactures, importers and suppliers of products and chemicals used in the workplace shall provide information indicating the correct way to use the chemical substances by workers, additional preventive measures to be taken, and the hazards key with both proper and improper use and handling.

In the event of the death of a worker as a result of serious violations of occupational safety and health regulations, the employer or their representatives, shall be punished with imprisonment from eight 8 up to ten 10 years. The Organic Labour Law applies to the labour relations on national territory between employers and workers, both Venezuelan and foreign workers Art. Prevention OSH delegates, in order to perform their duties, shall have access, with the limitations provided by the law, to lkpcymat necessary information and documentation relating to the working conditions.

ley lopcymat venezuela pdf to excel

Employers venezuel set up OSH services in workplaces with more than workers, and in workplaces with between 50 and workers for economic activities indicated in the technical standards issued in this regard. This number will depend on the number of workers, the organization of labour, work shifts, areas, departments, location of the working spaces, as well as the danger of working processes. A joint committee on safety and health at work shall be established in every workplace, undertaking or working unit of any public and private entity.

The law sets out requirements for the OSH National Policy in relation to workplaces, labour inspection, education, protection of women workers, young workers, workers lopctmat disabilities, cooperation policies, and others. Workers have the lopcymxt to comply with the occupational safety and health regulations while performing the tasks arising from their employment contract, not only so as to protect their own health and safety but also with regard to that of other workers and to the safeguard of the workplace.

Workers have the right to be reassigned to a different position due to health and rehabilitation reasons. Delegates on prevention OSH issues, democratically elected according to the law, shall represent the workers at the Committee on Safety and Health at Work.


The OSH system shall be composed by members of the following agencies: The OSH committees shall: The design, construction, operation, maintenance, amendments and processes in work places shall be conceived, designed and executed with strict compliance with standards and technical and scientific criteria universally accepted in health, hygiene, ergonomics and safety at work, in order to eliminate or control possible risks.

The National Institute for Prevention, Health and Safety at Work shall provide mechanisms to ensure that local and imported machinery, equipment, products, tools, and working equipment, comply with the legal security conditions, regulatory standards and international accepted scientific knowledge.

Employers shall prevent any harassment situation including the degradation of the work environment, physical or psychological violence, isolation or failure to provide a reasonable position to workers according to their abilities and background and shall avoid placing unjustified sanctions or criticisms on workers and their performance.

The Budgetary Law for each budgetary year shall foresee a special provision for the promotion and prevention of occupational health and safety. Every worker who is diagnosed with an occupational disease shall go to the National Institute for Prevention, Health and Safety at Work for the necessary assessments, testing, qualification and certification of the occupational disease.

Time taken by the prevention OSH delegates to perform their duties and for training on OSH issues, shall be considered part of the working day and shall be paid. In the second half of the twentieth century in Europe, a number of social events that changed the world of work were developed, and have affected the decisions of international institutions like the United Nations, the World Health Organization WHO and the Organization International Labour Organization ILO.

Such report shall be considered a public document. The National Institute for Prevention, Health and Safety at Work where there is grave and imminent danger, or a detrimental situation to the safety and health of workers, shall suspend fully or partially the activity, production, operation or tasks of a workplace, until such situation has been solved. When workers cannot leave the workplace for the lunch break they are provided with, at least, half and hour break that shall be considered as working time.

Inspectors shall ensure the compliance with the standards of working conditions, health and safety at work, protection of the family, motherhood and fatherhood, in all inspections within their territorial jurisdiction.