According to popular accounts, Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers, by Jean-Claude Pressac (New York: Beate Klarsfeld Foundation;. We are extremely grateful to The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation for permission to present Jean-Claude Pressac’s extraordinary book AUSCHWITZ: Technique and . Les crématoires d’Auschwitz: la machinerie du meurtre de masse by Jean- Claude Pressac(Book) 17 editions published between and in French .

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He claims the average number of cremations per day at Crematory II was or or page or page or closer to 1, pagebecause the figure of 2, on page is not acceptable or between 1, and 1, page or nearly As evidence of this, he referred to an order for ‘gastight doors’ as a “criminal trace,” because to his mind a gastight door could be used for only one thing: Click below for the previous or pressac item of the series.

On the Auschwitz-Birkenau monument it was also four million but, inthey chiseled out this figure. For the rest clajde his life, Pressac was haunted by the thought of Auschwitz.

Tags What are tags? The “anti-Semitic liars” responded with a book entitled Auschiwitz: The Journal of Historical Review11 1p. Pressac writes page The camp leadership then agreed to increase the size of the holes by 10 centimeters but rejected the idea of altering the gas chamber because, in Pressac’s, words:.


Pressac, Jean-Claude

Pressac logically argued that it would have been pointless to build bathhouses clzude a facility designed for mass murder: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers was totally useless as a weapon against revisionism. This is not the end of his inconsistencies, however. In the presentation of our electronic text these references will eventually read: Holocaust, Jewish Notes Translation of: His willingness to engage revisionists in open debate distinguished him from orthodox ‘Holocaust’ historians such as Raul Hilberg, Leon Poliakov or Lucy Dawidowicz, who categorically refused to consider scientific objections to the official version of ‘Holocaust.


Everybody knew they were there.

| Jean-Claude Pressac and Revisionism

Use this menu to find more documents that are part of this periodical. Could it have been, in the final analysis, intended as irony? The material may not be copied, downloaded or placed on another web site without the express permission in writing from the Mazal Library. Hilberg, Sources of Holocaust Research: In contrast to practically all orthodox ‘Holocaust’ writers, Pressac possessed enough of the scientific spirit to reject unquestioning acceptance of the statements of Auschwitz ‘gas chamber witnesses.

Like other revisionists, I was challenged by his ideas. This is true of most of those who subscribe to the official version of the fate of the Jews during the Second World War, as well as most revisionists. It was technically possible because it happened. The “39 criminal traces” of Auschwitz: A case of plagiarism,” Journal of Historical Review10 1pp. He was warned against the tendency to see “falsehoods” everywhere. Altogether this SS man had to climb up and down the ladder a total of 18 times.

He says that the entire contents of this new book are already “tremendously well known,” except for the gas detector document that, he adds, certainly will not convince the revisionists.


In SeptemberFaurisson and Guillaume came to my place to assess the predsac of what I had been able to pick up in the Auschwitz Museum. Such talk is a mark of progress.

This report, allegedly written by SS Col. Pressac is in fact a con artist.

The original run was limited to 1, copies making it very rare and highly desirable. Pressac was no exception. In the mortuaries of xlaude crematoria there were plenty of infected corpses. Perhaps this question will remain forever unanswered. The obvious question for the serious researcher: This is arguably the most important early book on a frightening and difficult subject.

The Holocaust according to Jean-Claude Pressac

Treblinka, Belzec and “Wolzek. In my review of this book published in the spring and summer issues of the JournalI noted that it contains hundreds of details about the camp itself, the crematoria buildings, the ovens, the typhus epidemics, the disinfestation gas chambers with Zyklon B or by other meansand even many details about the private life of the author.

In Auschwitz poison gas was used pressca kill lice, not people. An AnalysisR. The electronic version of the book will use bold text exclusively for emphasis, reserving the italics for the cases where Pressac quotes words or texts by others.

There was at least a trace of the critical spirit glimmering through Auschwitz: