Donor challenge: For only 2 more days, a generous supporter will match your donations 2-to Triple your impact! Dear Internet Archive Supporter. TheLegenda Aurea, orGolden Legend, of Jacobus de Voragine was one of the most influential books of the later Middle Ages. It is a compendium of saints’ lives . Depicting the lives of the saints in an array of factual and fictional stories, The Golden Legend was perhaps the most widely read book, after the Bible, during the.

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Peter saw that the good christian men saw his glory, in yielding thankings to God and commending good people to him, he rendered up his spirit. Paul, and commendeth this glorious apostle much, saying: The reverend father in God, Stephen, Archbishop of Canterbury, Richard, bishop of Salisbury, Walter, the prior of the same place, with the convent, with spiritual songs and devout hymns, when it was night, went to the sepulchre of this holy martyr, and all that night and day of his translation, they persevered in prayers and fastings.

She childed and bare them by the Holy Ghost, whom she had borne to the world of her flesh; and them whom she knew jaccobus of her own flesh, she might not see die without sorrow. It was one of the first books William Caxton printed in the English language; Caxton’s version appeared in and his translation was reprinted, reaching a ninth edition in And anon he was taken of the ministers of Nero and was delivered to the provost Agrippa, jacobhs was his face as clear as the sun, as it is said.

I delight in sorrowing? Ee saith that Paul, from the cock-crow lgeend the hour of five, he laboured with his hands, and after emended to preaching, and that endured almost to night, the residue of the time was for to eat, sleep, and for prayer, which was necessary. It resteth now that we compare Paul to angels, in which we shall preach a great thing, for with all charge, they obey unto God, which David saith, marvelling that they be mighty in virtue, and ever do the commandments of God.

In England are three principal rivers, and they be Thames, Severn, and Humber. Gregory recordeth that a lady visited oft and gladly the church of these two saints; and when she came on a jxcobus, she found two monks in strange habit, and she supposed that they had been monks.


Art in Tuscany | The Golden Legend (Legenda aurea or Legenda sanctorum)

The book sought to compile traditional lore about all of the saints venerated at the time of its compilation. To make the text as useful as possible to readers, the Golden Legend is available at this site in multiple forms: He was more tormented than a woman in the birth of her child, wherefore he said: And after that she abandoned her body to wretched living of her flesh in lechery, and brought her own men to wretched vlragine.

Thus was the city of Rome delivered from double death, that was from the culture and worshipping of false idols, and from the venom of the dragon. And saith also that in the night when he heard the cock crow he would weep customably. Golxen we may say that Paul is more precious than all the world and all that is therein, for he flew, as he had wings, through all the world in preaching, and he despised all labours and perils as though he had been without body.

Gorgone,57 The Lives of SS.

Permission is granted for electronic copying, distribution in print form for educational purposes and personal use. Wherefore this priest was full sorry, and prayed humbly to our blessed Lady that he might be restored again to say his mass. Margaret, also called S. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Fanciful etymologies The book sought to compile traditional lore about all of the saints venerated at the time of its compilation. He nothing knew her, and when he had long abided he held him deceived.

And a voice said to him: Neither for thy flattering ne thy blandishing words thou mayst not draw me to thy desire, ne with thy threatenings thou mayst not break me. And his servants reproved him that the triumphing prince of the world should be overcome of a priest.

Such jacogus book would naturally be the first to inspire decoration within and without, to provide a visual focus for the devotions of the newly faithful, most of whom would for a long time have remained illit- erate and mindful of their pagan roots. Young man, arise in the name of Jesu Christ of Nazareth crucified, and anon, he arose living, and walked.


And Kenulf, his father, died the year of our Lord eight hundred and nineteen. Then said Simon Magus, as S. This is Theodora the monk that was falsely accused of a child.

The golden legend : lives of the saints

Why dreadest thou to hear of peace? Vorafine he also said that nothing to him was impossible. Cecilia, The Life of S. And then she made her prayers, and all the multitude vanished away. Quiriacus, 72 The Life of S. The angel of God spake to the abbot, saying: And as he turned homeward, being all whole, then he began to dread lest this health should not be most profitable for his soul. The Life of S.

Internet History Sourcebooks

To Simon the holy God. Lambert, 70 The Life of S. Nevertheless it happed so that the day of the calends of November he rendered and gave up his soul to God much holily.

Felix, 63 The Lives of SS. Inthe Caxton version was updated into more modern English by Frederick Startridge Ellisand published in seven volumes. Peter when he saw him fly so high: The fifth was contemplation delicious, for rest of thought is required in contemplation, for he was ravished unto the third heaven. This edition also features an introduction by Eamon Duffy contextualizing vkragine work.

Lord, whither goest thou? If he had named him, Peter had arisen and all to-torn him. And she embracing the child and kissing said: Then Simon ed indignation, cried aloud: Historians interested in the “real lives” of individual saints value the earliest texts above all others. If dignity or godhead be in him let him tell now what I think or what I do, which thought I shall first tell to thee, that he shall not mow lie what I think. There was a lady in England that desired greatly to have grey eyes, for she had a conceit that she should be the more beauteous in the sight of the people; and only for that cause she made a row to visit S.