Hira Ratan Manek was born on 12th of September in Bodhavad, India, was raised and spirit as demonstrated by Hira Ratan Manek, who, as a result of sungazing, The method is used for curing all kinds of psychosomatic, mental and. According to India’s Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) sun gazing can apparently balance emotions within the first 3 months (up to 15 minutes) of practising, and heals. We have a super computer in our bodies given to us by Nature, which is our brain . HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) calls it the “brainutor”. The brain is.

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Following these rules make the practice safe, says sources. It is essential that you continue to do your own independent research into sun gazing:. I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp more information.

The Ancient Technique of Sun Gazing – Bridget Edwards

So at 10 days you will be looking at the sun for seconds, or 1 minute and 40 seconds. Safe sungazing is a must for better health and for the alleviation of health problems. October 24th, 0 Comments. From here on out just make a conscious effort to continue to walk barefoot on the earth, preferably in the sun whenever you feel like it or get the time. Thank you, don’t forget to activate your newsletter subscription by clicking the link in your email.

Hrmm of the software programs inherent in the brain will start running and sungaizng will begin to realize the changes since we will have no mental tension or worries. Bad qualities disappear, anger, greed, jealousy leave you.

Each and every human being is gifted with innumerable talents, and infinite inherent powers by nature. The positive effects received was the requirement of less sleep and less food intake, feeling decidedly less stressed, worried and fearful. Accordingly, in the Imperial Medical College in London decreed that solar rays were the ideal food for humans. This must be done standing on bare earth with bare feet and looking at the sun for only 10 seconds, while gradually increasing your practice by adding second intervals each day.


Though hunger is said to eventually cease, it is fine to continue eating regularly during initial stages, until appetite disappears naturally. Everyone is wired a little differently … If you choose to partake, do your own research, be careful, be cautious, and document your experience. Besides, we will have the self-confidence to face life problems by means of developing a positive mindset instead of a negative one.

A person can continue his present life style, simply add sungazing, and practice it whenever possible. For example, Indian mythology understands the role of singazing sun.

hfm This ultimately affects your whole body, because with a peaceful mind your body heals itself, letting go of allergies, asthma and all kinds of disease. Your email address will not be published.

There are no restrictions. Sungazing is a one-time practice of your lifetime usually for a period of 9 months. More energy — sun gazers report heightened vitality. An Enlightened Perspective with Dr. Irregular updates but we try, we have children you know: After 9 months or 44 minutes, you should give up sungazing for the protection of the eye.

Your mind will become stronger. Fear of death will go away. Secrets of the sun sects. Leave this field empty.

Different body parts and its organs get purified once you stop eating due to detoxification. Yes, give me access!

Sun-gazing: Why You Should Be Doing It!

Since the eyes are delicate parts of the body, we have to use them in such a way that they serve our purposes without getting damaged. The eyes are complex organs and they have 5 billion parts, much more than a spacecraft that has about million parts. The remaining four toes represent glands too — pituitary, hypothalamus, thalamus and amygdala. Health benefits of Sun-gazing. In the same way, if we start practicing safe sungazing in the hour of sunrise or the hour of sunset, we will get expanded health for mind, body and spirit.


But you need to carry on walking barefoot or Earthing for 45 minutes daily for 6 days generally when the sunlight is falling on your body. Sleep disturbances are healed.

Moreover, energy levels are at a higher mthod.

Sun-gazing: Why You Should Be Doing It!

Practice correctly at the right time and get energised! The big toe is thought to be aligned with the pineal gland, the second toe with the pituitary, then the hypothalamus, thalamus and finally the pinky toe correlates to the amygdala. Who is Hira Ratan Manek? Encouraged by the successful results many more all over the world are practicing the HRM method of Sungazing and thousands all over the world are getting the benefits. The Sun is the supreme body in our solar system.

Login Register 0 Items. This is how color therapies work —Reiki and Pranic Healing. It has become a popular practice, rediscovered through the work of people such as Hira Ratan Manek HRMa sun gazer who has spread the word with his talks around the world.

You will become a compassionate person. How can the body take in sunlight in such a manner as to sustain life? This usually occurs within the 2-hour window after sunrise or before sunset. I felt more balanced, calm and centred as a result of sun gazing. We have believed that looking at the sun or doing sungazing harms the eyes but that is a wrong belief. The eyes receive the entire spectrum of the sunlight, which is distributed to the different parts of the body by the brain on a need per basis.

This Sungazing information is for educational purposes only.