Master Bible scholar and teacher Marc Brettler argues that today’s he guides us in reading the Bible as it was read in the biblical period. Master Bible scholar and teacher Marc Brettler argues that today’s contemporary readers can only understand the ancient Hebrew Scripture by knowing more. How to Read the Bible has 62 ratings and 5 reviews. Benjamin said: This is actually my third time through the book. I use it as a textbook for my Bible c.

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I’m on board with the Historical piece try to read it like a member of the intended audience but far less interested in the source criticism, simply because I’m interested in the Biblical text we have in our hands.

James rated it really liked it Nov 05, Reading Ruth vs Esther. Index of Biblical Passages and Other References. After identifying the correct context and genre for GenesisBrettler proceeds to decipher its meaning brettler careful analysis of the literary structure, poetic elements, vocabulary, and the divergent presentations of humans and God in Gen Reading the Bible as a Committed Jew.

How to Read the Jewish Bible – Marc Zvi Brettler – Oxford University Press

Andrew Battista rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Most modern readers without any sensitivity to the original cultural context of Genesis would assume that these chapters constitute a scientific statement on the origins of the world.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jacob Schonberg rated it it was amazing Mar 11, I’m always looking for a better book and once used a book by one of Brettler’s student This is actually my third time through the book.


To be sure, there are numerous elements in the presentation that are directed toward a Jewish audience. Brettler surveys representative biblical texts from different genres to illustrate how modern scholars have taught us to “read” these texts.

Let us look at one such example—the two creation stories in Genesiswhich are treated in Chapter 6. This book is highly recommended for both of these potential readers, though I am afraid it might not find much of an audience in the second group. The Other Gospels Bart D. This book works well for either the curious lay reader or as an undergraduate textbook with much to offer the scholar as well.

David rated it really liked it Jan 03, Paul Richardson rated it really liked it Dec 25, The mixing of these sources by intertwining them preserved a variety of sources and perspectives.

How to Read the Bible

Zechariah Apocalyptic Literature and Daniel. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Hardcoverpages. Dwight Welch rated it liked it Jun 09, Jan 09, Michael rated hw liked it Shelves: And so Brettler unpacks the literary conventions, ideological assumptions, and historical conditions that inform the biblical text and demonstrates how modern critical scholarship and archaeological discoveries shed light on this fascinating and complex literature.

The “Grammar” of Sacrifice Naphtali S. Josh rated it really liked it Aug 24, Does a very good job of putting the construction of the Hebrew Bible into historical context, saying that since the ancient world cared little for the accurate telling of history for it’s own sake, rad why do we now read the Bible as an actual historical document or dismiss it entirely as false history.


The bottom line regarding this book is that almost any reader will know much more about the Hebrew Bible after reading it. Reading Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. Gabrielle rated it really liked it Sep 30, Understanding the Bible this way lets us appreciate it as an interesting text that speaks in multiple rsad on profound issues. Master Bible scholar and teacher Marc Brettler argues that today’s contemporary readers can only understand the ancient Hebrew Scripture by knowing more about the culture that produced it.

The vast majority of tthe quotes are in Chronicles, which is a nationalistic rewrite of Kings, as we would now say, a falsification of history.

So it took me a year to read this because I followed along with my Sunday School course. All of these elements, Brettler argues, were deliberately thhe in order to present a specific understanding of God, humanity, and the world. The Cult in Ancient Israel. Brettler certainly knows his target audience well.

Selected pages Title Page. Reading Song of Songs.