Honor’s Splendour (#76 on AAR’s Top Romances). Julie Garwood. Buy This Book. An AAR Top Romance. originally published on August 23, In true Garwood fashion, Madelyne wins over everyone with her kindness and her ineptness. She’s so loveable even Duncan’s fierce stallion. While I can’t say that Honor’s Splendour is my personal favorite Garwood book, it is a good read that I would certainly recommend. For me, Julie Garwood is just.

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A beautiful story – Set in the medieval times, it’s about a baron seeking revenge for his sister’s rape. For me, Julie Garwood is just one of those comfort authors whose good or even just OK work still surpasses that of some other authors even on their best days. I liked both characters and how they interated together. Links My LibraryThing Library. The same can jylie said for the men of her novels.

In totally inappropriate situations, Gilard, Edmond, and Gerald shout in anger, when there has been little to no provocation. I’m picky, I guess! Many of those characters could, and should, have been eliminated. It is after all a thirty years old blockbuster romance for the great mass of readers.

He was so arrogant and sure of himself and he commanded things of Madelyne, rather than asking things of her.

Synopsis – Julie Garwood

Her heroines are child-like and their behavior is fairly absurd to me. Knowing it will take a long time for Duncan to freeze to death and not wanting to do the same themselves, the soldiers head inside the keep, leaving Duncan alone. Since Duncan’s men are hiding outside waiting to storm the castle walls, he is quite unconcerned about his predicament, but his nonchalance about the situation disconcerts Louddon’s men who are already superstitious about the man rumored to be a wolf.

While waiting for the next book in the series to come out, I spend a lot of time gqrwood books and posting my reviews on them.

He was alpha but also didn’t hesitate to show his affections and be sweet to the h when she needed it. I splsndor got a kick out of the parts where Duncan teases Madelyne by purposely pushing her buttons. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. Baron Duncan of Wexton entered the castle of Baron Louddon under a flag of truce, but he was not surprised to be taken captive, stripped of his clothes, tied to a pole, and left to die in the bitter cold.


He did force her to marry him, but it was for her protection – among other reasons, like his yet-unprofessed love for her and his desire do bed her ; – and he never meant to hurt or harm her in any way. This was so sweet. The longer Madelyne spends as Duncan’s agrwood though, the more she comes to realize that she finally feels safe and in spite of being too stubborn to admit it at first, she really doesn’t want to leave the security of his fortress.

Juliw was at this point that I really warmed up to both characters a lot more and ended up liking them both quite well. There are several things that kept Honor’s Splendour from the very top of my favorites list.

Feel free at any time to skip to the ‘bottom line’ portion of the review, to get the gist of it This book was my first Julie Garwood ever, and I am happy to say it wil Note: She has a husband in one century, and a lover in another Julie Garwood was born in Kansas City, Missouri in There are plenty of reviews already written on this book that explain the plot, so let me just share with you what I enjoyed about it instead.

This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog – Romantic Rose’s Bookshelf http: Men shouldn’t get props for treating people like humans, but I have to give it to the character Garwood created. No one kills her, or moves her out of the way, and the servants go free, owing their lives to the wonderful Madelyne. When she was forced to return to her brother she would remember the stories and retreat into her mind and imagine Odysseus would watch over her and protect her.


View all 12 comments. Liat Duncan cemberut,baru deh dia bilang dia juga cinta Duncan, so sweet yaaaaa [image error] Sementara itu, Madelyne tetap tiap sore memberi makan Serigala yg dia lihat di hutan, yg menurut Duncan cuma khayalan aja, tapi Duncan gak garwwood ngelarang sih This was better than I thought it’d be!

Jan 04, Sana rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 31 comments. I also loved the creative sweetness of their first meeting and how Madelyne captured Duncan’s heart through the splrndor but unselfish act of splenddor his feet. Julie Garwood has a great sense of humor, and I often found myself smiling or chuckling during my reading of this book.

Spunky yet kind heroine get kidnapped or otherwise forced into m Honor’s Splendour is classic Garwood. Garwood writes entertaining scenes with heroes who are larger than life.

I know when I pick up one of her novels that it is going to be funny and sweet and romantic. View all honoor comments.

Desert Isle Keeper

Today, her name appears regularly on the bestseller lists of every major publication in the country, and her books are translated into dozens of languages around the world. However, she never does, not even once. I was so wrong to judge them! When Duncan’s forces raze Louddon’s castle and Duncan declares that Madelyne now belongs to him and is going with him, she is rather put out that her plans for escape have been foiled. Duncan was also what I’ve come to expect from a Garwood’s hero: And I did mostly.

There are so many romance novel heroines who make the unrealistic jump from timid virgin to instant sex-kitten, so this element of the story was greatly appreciated. Loved the heroine so much!!!