Hey all! Posted awhile back about wanting to get into the game. Scored a very large collection for a very surprising price from an old friend. Heroscape – All Official Maps & Scenarios [Web Link Link] Gencon Scenario, official scenario, dungeon adventure, and Lost Scenarios and . “A battlefield/scenario book shows how to build five battlefields, layer by layer. ” HeroScape: Rise of the Valkyrie is the original master set for the HeroScape.

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Here, only the bravest warriors dare to tread through this perilous quagmire.

The game is eminently customizable, with many expansions which add more abilities, terrain, and options. Moving down more levels than your height when moving from one hex to another counts as falling and you might take damage –unless you are falling into water.

For instance, when the game first starts and armies are moving hrroscape range of each other, you usually want to move your ranged shooters towards the fight last in the hope scenaio they will have something to shoot at after they move.

February 6th, Originally Posted by theGuru http: The totem nearby hwroscape to be glowing faintly, and as the darkness grew its radiance intensified. Now the game comes to Valhalla.

Wound markers are used to keep track of how much life each figure has left this isn’t necessary for army cards that have more than one figure, since each of them only has 1 life, but there are many singular figure cards that have well more than scejario life.


Heroscapers – Battlefields

Hidden in a crag, scenaruo the side of a mountain, a secret complex of buildings lies shrouded in mystery. Head here to get started! The Swarm of the Marro set comes with 2 squads of Marro Stingers, a very good ranged attacker. Posted in Site AnnouncementBattlefields. Orm’s Return, however, was not so impressive. It can be opponent elimination, getting to a certain space, protecting a certain figure, or holding out for a certain number of turns. One particulary beautiful map I saw made use of 4 RotV sets and 4 tundra sets.

Heroscape: Maps, Customizations, Armies, House Rules

This is a new 4 room, 5 scenario Dungeon Adventure that takes place after the River of Blood and focuses on Valkrill’s rise. Table of Contents on first 3 pages links to original source PDF downloads. I got nothing to sign with now.

Custom Wave 3 and March of Shadows: Posted July 16th, at Why were they running away now? All times are GMT Near the Soulrazor Canyon in Lower Bleakwoode there exists a massive underground chamber. Also, any chance this can be updated with new battlefields on map and in legend? A castle expansion adds much more to the game by providing tall walls, battlements, ladders and a door that can be busted down.

November 30th, August 12, Location: October 9, Location: Last edited by theGuru; July 19th, at The maps that have been approved by the BOV panel can be found here.

Posted in Site AnnouncementBattlefields Comments The many army cards available for HeroScape offer an incredibly wide range of themes and abilities. Nearly out of breath, a weary scout, arriving back at base camp informs his commander that more armies have arrived and surrounded the Forsaken Waters. Shadow Cavern is something I am looking forward to, a way to expand the official character of Valkrill as a general, not a philosopher madman like in my novel.


A curious custodian at one of the storage warehouses in the Tribeca Labs complex mistakenly took the Seismic Resonance Device for an espresso machine and turned it on. With fortified trenches and a vast mine field between the opposing factions, the battle rages on with seemingly little headway. Seeing maps like that make me want to collect more!

We have quite a few scenarios to release, and once I start putting the files together, I’ll probably get into a weekly release schedule to keep from dumping them all at once, and to have some fun for old times sake.

VirtualScape – mapping software for HeroScape. Does anyone really know what the source of this massive infestation is? If the other team has only adjacent attackers Range of 1 and you are down to a few ranged attackers, retreat to keep them at range and keep attacking.