Items 1 – 50 of Traveller5 Traveller The Traveller Science-Fiction Role-Playing Game System, Fifth Edition The Core Rules for the fabled 5th edition of the. Traveller is a science fiction role-playing game, first published in by Game Designers’ . (GDW published several board games allowing Traveller space battles to be played out as games in their own right – Mayday using the Traveller . AD is a hard science fiction tabletop role-playing game created by Game Designers’ Workshop. Intended as a “harder” alternative to GDW’s earlier Traveller.

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Nomads of the World Ocean. Tables and rules for creating K’kree worlds, government, bases, law and tech levels.

Published by Imperium Games inT4 is set in the early days of the Third Imperium Milieu 0with the small, newly formed empire surrounded by regressed or barbaric worlds. Twilight’s Peak “From a clue in an old worn book, from a rumor in a starport bar. Organization and equipment of an Imperial Battle Rider Squadron. They are a cooperative race, but they respect individualism. Now the canon for this award-winning series is again available GDW published several board games allowing Traveller space battles to be played out as games in their own travellfr – Mayday using the Traveller rules, Brilliant Lances and Battle Rider using the Traveller: Regelbuch III – Roboter.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Aboard the Death Ship.

Traveller GDW

Tables and rules for Aslan worlds, governments, bases, law and tech levels. The alien makes its plea; please, can’t someone help? Imperial Data Recovery System. Eight complete scenarios are presented, with exciting new adventuring material for Zhodani, Asian, Vargr, travrller Droyne player characters.

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These characteristics are typically generated with a roll of two six-sided dice. An early publication from GDW noted that “The minor races, of which there are hundreds within the area of known space, trraveller be largely left up to individual referees.

The magazine supported the science fiction gaming community with articles written for a multitude of RPG systems. This article has multiple issues. There’s definitely room for a Traveller aid program on the market, but not this one. Number of bids and teaveller amounts may be slightly out of date. As referee or player, you should read carefully Traveller Books 1, 2 and 3; as referee you should read through this adventure to familiarize yourself with it.

If you like science fiction gsw, surely gwd is a setting here for you somewhere. Included are detailed deck plans, tables of organization and equipment for the strike team aboard, and four exciting scenarios one for use with High Tfaveller and three for use with Mercenary and Striker!

Purcell This box contains the following game components: High Guard ship statistics. The New Era rules. SmithMarc W. But when faced with Zhodani aggression, the Darrians dug out the old technology and staged a demonstration of their star trigger. The following information is included in this module: In particular, the Ebers and Kafers represent well-described, highly “alien” forms of intelligence that seem reasonably evolutionary feasible.

It has a “retro” black-and-white production style. In travelldr this refers to tourists, nomads, gypsies, exiled or expatriate peoples, and the like. Characters get their skills and experience in a mini-game, where the player makes career choices that determine the character’s life right up to the point before adventuring begins. Standard designs for Hiver military and commercial starships, including the ubiquitous Embassy Ship.


Traveller (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

Organization and equipment of a frontier Lift Infantry Regiment. Also, practical means of faster-than-light FTL travel have been discovered, leading to the exploration and colonization of planets orbiting nearby stars. However, outside the Imperium there exist worlds untouched by human hands. Why did they destroy themselves in a cataclysmic Final War that destroyed entire planets?

It is adapted from Traveller, with updated careers and technology. Gew tables handle the specific details of Solomani character advancement. Mercenaries, Idle Rich, Diplomats, Spies The game became known for its character generation system in which characters could die before a player finished rolling them up. They abhor violence and gda, but they won the only major war they have ever fought. Do they plan to again rule every planet they can see? Traders and Gunboats “Detailed deck plans for common starships that traveeller the space lanes for trade, profit, and combat action within and without the Imperium.

Despite the thematic dominance of the human race, with most adventures taking place in human space, the Traveller universe is cosmopolitan, containing many technologically trsveller species known as sophontsa term borrowed from travelleer science fiction material. The word Traveler and its British English orthographic variation Traveller refer to individuals who travel.

Another must have book! When a game takes in the entire universe it’s easy to forget how large and complex even a single world can be.