La Galaxia Gutenberg. Front Cover. Marshall McLuhan. Círculo de La Galaxia Gutenberg: Génesis Del Homo Typographicus · Marshall McLuhan. No preview. La galaxia Gutenberg: génesis del “Homo typographicus”. Front Cover. Marshall McLuhan. Planeta-Agostini, – pages. Galaxia Gutenberg (Romanian Edition) [Marshall Mcluhan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lectura obligatorie pentru toti care locuiesc in.

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The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man

Indeed “the medium is the message” until we become masters of our communication mediums and use them like tools to manifest a sustainable occupation of Earth. The main point of irritation for me is how McLuhan’s interpretations of texts could be so loose and, honestly, lazy. Print is the technology of individualism. Net rated it it was amazing.

La Galaxia Gutenberg – Marshall McLuhan – Google Books

Published March 1st by University of Toronto Press first published Basically what McLuhan argues in his book is that the invention and diffusion of Gutenberg’s printing process marked the passage from a balanced kind of linguistic communication – where each sense was taken account of – to a tiranny of its visual component.

Which is what a whole shitload of people are doing now with the whole digital humanities thing. Given the clue of “hand-writing” that terminates the “oral phase” one expects “printing” to terminate the manuscript phase and the “electrifying” to bring an end to the Gutenberg era. So is it worth reading?

His ideas need to be brought up back gutenberrg social discussion to raise awareness and start the process of evolving human consciousness from an adolescent technological tyrant civilization to an adult egalitarian sustainable society. Because of the work’s provenance pres of the last century, it is easy to situate its cultural milieu to just before the psychedelic experiments of the youth generation of the time, where organization man with reference to the work of Peter Drucker was under protest in the counter-culture that followed, some aspects of which are still with us today, certainly in the West and in various forms manifesting in the tapping of a collective consciousness.


La galaxia Gutenberg

As always, it depends. It sometimes felt like I was reading the most enjoyable annotated bibliography ever, or a medieval text with glosses and super-glosses. To ask other readers questions about The Gutenberg Galaxyplease sign up. And the same rule applies: Key to McLuhan’s argument is the idea that technology has no per se moral bent—it is a tool that profoundly shapes an individual’s and, by extension, a society’s self-conception and realization:.

Though the World Wide Web was invented thirty years after The Gutenberg Galaxy was published, McLuhan may have coined and certainly popularized the usage of the term ” surfing ” to refer to rapid, irregular and multidirectional movement through a heterogeneous body of documents or knowledge, e. McLuhan also introduces a number of idiosyncratic terms which he doesn’t bother to define.

Print is the technology of individualism.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Print exists by virtue of the static separation of functions and fosters a mentality that gradually resists any but a separative and compartmentalizing or specialist outlook. Joyce’s Finnegans Wake like Shakespeare’s King Lear is one of the texts which McLuhan frequently uses throughout the book in order to weave together the various strands of his argument.

They’re not the easiest books to read, but they will give you a new appreciation of just how important experience retrieval is; which is to say the major means of how we store and retrieve experience over time has a tremendous impact on how we think of, and see, the world around us.

Refresh and try again. Very good, and very dense. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about La galaxia Gutenbergplease sign up. Jul 26, Mike Hayden rated it did not like it. It helped establish Marshall McLuhan as the original ‘media guru.

The transition from this oral culture takes place when the child is taught to read and write. For instance, McLuhan contrasts the considerable alarm and revulsion that the growing quantity of books aroused in the latter seventeenth century with the modern concern for the “end of the book.


In this book he predicts that electronic age will displace print just as movable type displaced the manuscript. Trivia About The Gutenberg Gal Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Classic study of the influence of media technology on human sensorium, specifically the printed word.

Vergleichbar dem Vorgang zu Beginn der Digitalisierung, als allerdings neben dem gleichzeitigen Entstehen originaerer Inhalte eine Vielzahl analoger Inhalte Fotos, Gemaelde, Print Buecher, Vezeichnisse gescanned und in Datenbanken abgelegt wurden. I’d warn you against the italian translation: Print raises the visual features of alphabet to highest intensity of definition.

For someone with close ties to the discipline of literary criticism, he seems to have an especially hard time with it. I found this to be wonderfully transparent and to give a sense of the relative weight of each author marshaall relation to McLuhan’s thought.

Print raises the visual features of alphabet to highest intensity of definition.

La galaxia Gutenberg by Marshall McLuhan (4 star ratings)

According to McLuhan, the invention of movable type greatly accelerated, intensified, and ultimately enabled cultural and cognitive changes that had already been taking place since the invention and implementation of the alphabet, by which McLuhan means phonemic orthography.

Cover of the first edition. The Making of Typographic Man is a book by Marshall McLuhanin which the author analyzes the effects of mass mediaespecially the printing presson European culture and human consciousness. La these presente dans ce livre resiste bien a toutes les att Dans la Galaxie de Gutenberg Marshall McLuhan presente sa grande these que ce n’est pas le contenu du message mais son medium presse ecrite, television, radio, etc.