PDF | In the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, the yellow bean of Azufrado-Peruano, Nueva Granada race, which occupies most of the surface area to. Lao: Mac thoua frang heng, Mac thousa khiem. Mex: Alubia chica, frijol amarillo, azufrado, bayo gordo, blanco, canelo, cocona, garbancillo, mexicano, negro. Caracterización proteómica de granos de frijol azufrado (Phamseolus vulgaris By Magda Karina Camacho-Espinoza. About this book.

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Some authors reported a close correlation between ferritin messenger and ferritin protein content with varying iron levels Van der Mark et al. Moreover, these authors report that vit1 over expression in yeast mutant ccc1 increased vacuolar iron in seeds three fold over control cells and increased manganese but not zinc or cadmium.

The analysis of ferritin gene expression showed that cultivar AH 0. Iron storage in bacteria.

Ferritin in bean leaves with constant and changing iron status. There is also the possibility that the iron detected in bean organs is not only stored in the ferritin protein. Iron is an important microelement for living organisms and participates in hemoglobin production, a transport molecule that grijol oxygen into red cells. All organs were separately collected for further RNA, protein, and iron extraction and quantification.

In legumes, iron is located mostly in ferritin Ambe et al. Posttranscriptional regulation of ferritin during nodule development in Soybean.

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Caracterización proteómica de granos de frijol azufrado (Phamseolus vulgaris …

Besides, feijol expression did not vary during plant growth in leaves and roots. Purification and partial characterization of ferritin from normal and iron loaded leaves of Phaseolus vulgaris.

This is similar to what we found in the common bean, where no difference was observed in ferritin gene expression in any of the plant organs, neither among the azufraxo plant growth stages. Subunits cp2 and cp5 were produced earlier than subunit cp3 in leaf azufradoo. Van der Mark et al. Due to its ability to sequester iron, ferritin possesses the dual function of detoxification and storage.

Therefore, common bean iron fortification includes the analysis and understanding of the elements involved in its content and regulation including the ferritin gene and protein regulation for iron availability.

Frijol Peruano (Azufrado-Higuera) Peruvian Bean | Invertebral Fresh Produce

Localization of iron in Arabidopsis seed requires the vacuolar membrane transporter VIT1. Common bean, as one of the main staple foods in the world, is rich in proteins but less favored in iron content. Iron in the developing soybean nodule. Nutrition of macrominerals and trace elements. No differences were observed among growth stages and plant organs in any of the evaluated cultivars and organs Table 2.

Primers and probe were designed from the 1 bp bean ferritin gene sequenceNCBIusing the software Primer Express version 2. Registration of ‘Flor de Junio Marcela’ common bean. Structure, function, and evolution of ferritins. Even though the levels of expression in leaf, stem, and seed were different among cultivars, the expression was stable across the growth cycle. Ferritin genes have been documented from numerous animals, plants, and microbes Theil, ; Harrison and Arosio, ; Proudhon et al.


However, from the nutritional point of view, the relationship between ferritin and iron content for breeding purposes has been less studied.

Ferritin mRNA expression, determined by quantitative PCR, showed differential expression among cultivars and was not stable across growth stages and plant organs. However no correlation was observed with iron content indicating an independent event between iron concentration and ferritin expression and protein content. Non expression of the ferritin gene was detected in roots because not profit an efficient extraction of RNA. A practical sampling, preparation, analysis, and interpretation guide.

Ferritin mRNA, protein and iron concentrations during soybean nodule development. Accumulation of phytoferritin and starch granules in developing nodules of soybean roots infected with Heterodera glycines.

Iron content and ferritin gene expression in common bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. In our study we did not observe this since in the common bean, the ferritin gene expressed at similar levels in all plant organs and at all growth stages.