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In the Mass, Fr. Miguel Soler, superior of the province of Our Lady of Pilar, preached on Marian aspect of the vows and how our vow of Marian slavery is not only a fourth promise placed alongside the Evangelical Counsels but also qualifies the other three.

Present were some family members of monacatto monks, several apostolic missionaries of the Institute, some third order members, and faithful of the monastery. Although we are contemplatives, the vows which we professed were not for any particular branch of the Institute, but were the exact same vows which all of the sons of the Institute profess.

It is the Institute, not the contemplative branch, which has definitively received three new members. In what way does a monk fit into the IVE? What is his function within our religious family? Like all members of the Institute, the inculturation of the gospel is what the monk seeks to bring about.

Like a human body in which not all the parts have the same role, [2] different members of our religious family undertake diverse operations in distinct manners in order to bring about the same end of evangelization. How does the monk do this? By living out his vows in primitvo maximum degree.

The inculturation of the gospel is the specific end of the contemplative branch. After all, an essential aspect of monasticism is the actual or material separation from the world, traditionally known as the fuga mundi.

But inculturation is by no means limited to specific acts and moments consisting of direct contact with any particular manifestation of society. In the light of this, we can say that one way in which a monastery can contribute to the evangelization of the culture is by the testimony of its way of life. Monasteries, especially in the mind of St. This way of life is the ideal to which the inculturation should tend; the elevation of the culture to the virtues embodied in the apostolic community.


El monacato primitivo – García M. Colombás – Google Books

Insofar as the monasteries reflect this way of life, they serve as a model for the society and for non-believers. It can be said that modern man, being so saturated with images, is helped much more by seeing what a Christian culture should be than by reading or hearing about this ideal. This idea is reflected in St. Now, this ideal of the Gospel way of life, is made present to the degree in which the vows or evangelical counsels are practiced by the members of the community. Monks of the Institute, being dedicated solely to the unum necessarium, have a greater opportunity, and indeed, a greater need, to practice these evangelical counsels in their most sublime degree.

Poverty, consisting in the voluntary abandonment of exterior goods, is an especially attractive sign in these exceedingly materialistic times. The alluring force of poverty, which was manifest in St. John the Baptist and the Medieval Mendicant orders, remains an efficacious means of calling souls to God.

Moreover, poverty assists in contemplation.

Igrexa de Santo Antoniño de Toques

Thomas teaches that it is pfimitivo necessary for those who contemplate as it removes many preoccupations which can hinder the peace of soul which is so necessary for contemplation. It is a manifestation of a heart which is given totally to God.

Those who practice chastity demonstrate the possibility of overcoming the ferocious passions which have tied down so many eo which have the potentiality to soar to the heights of sanctity.

Finally, the authentic love which impels one to profess this vow is a statement against the dominant hedonistic mentality of our days which makes all love superficial and egoistic.

Pachomius, founder of coenobitic monasticism, transferred the holocaust of the monk from the corporeal penances of prolonged fasts and heroic night vigils to the altar of obedience.

Columba Marmion wrote in his Christ: The sacrifice is immense; it is besides extremely pleasing to God. From this intimate connection between obedience and martyrdom, the manner in which obedience contributes to the evangelization becomes clear. It has been argued that one of the foremost reasons for the rapid conversion of the Roman Empire was the example set by so many Christians who willfully accepted martyrdom.


Thomas teaches, martyrdom is an explicit witness to the Christian faith. To the extent that we live these precious Evangelical Counsels, we give an eloquent testimony of the primacy of God which is particularly necessary in the work of the Evangelization of the culture.

By simply being what we are, monks who live according to the evangelical counsels, we primitivl silently contribute to the evangelization of the culture. We give thanks to God for the gift of our religious vocation and ask through the intercession of Our Lady of Lujan for the grace to persevere until the death in this little religious family of the IVE. Columbas, El Monacato Primitivo, Madrid: BAC, Madrid, Directory of Consecrated Life, He was the champion and hero of the new society in its conflict with the old, and even the Christians who had failed in the moment of trial — the lapsi — looked on the martyrs as their saviors and protectors.

The Ideal of the Monk, abridged, Ch. Dawson, The Making of Europe, Directory of the Evangelization of the Culture, Say hi to Fr. Keeping you in our prayers as you prepare for to become a deacon! Primutivo my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Introducción al Cristianismo Primitivo

Ten years serving the Word in Aleppo-Syria. In Thanksgiving to St. Joseph for our 30th Anniversary Pilgrimage to…. Young volunteers from Hong Kong in Tanzania. School Mission in Hong Kong. Second Chronicle of the meeting of the representatives of the monacto life with members of the General government and some provincials.

First chronicle concerning the meeting of the representatives of contemplative life with the members of the General Government and some provincials. Servidoras on the Camino de Santiago. Please enter your comment! Please enter mmonacato name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!