JEITA EIAJ Standards (as of August in ). General System, Category and Title , Spec. No. (Test No.) Life Test, JEITA EIAJ ED/ Life TestⅠ, Steady. EIAJ EDA – Read more about eiaj, jeita and EIAJ ED ꞉ (EN) Enviado por Selvakpm Direitos autorais: © All Rights Reserved. Baixe no formato PDF ou leia online no Scribd.

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F Maximum allowable supply voltage? And its results strongly depend on the assembly conditions between the enclosure and the motherboard.

As a result of the discussion, actual device or substrate daisy chain was selected for considering the specimen cost. Bond sample SMD with adhesive to a printed circuit board. F saturation A ? Toshiki Yamaguchi Fujitsu Ltd. Tread Test specimen Frame tool Fixing screw Figure 1 An example of the test board fixture in the method 1. It explains the temperature cycling test for soldering joint for the life of the semiconductor devices and the joint on the board affected by the temperature ed-472 expected when the semiconductor devices as SMD packages being mounted on the board are working.

F Semi-sine Wave Bending of lead o. From the circumstance above, wedecided to establish the drop test standard. Junichi Mitsuhashi Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Since the use of continuous electric eiaaj monitoring system is required for the improvement of test environment, it is not practical at present.

Bias Intermittently 1h on 3h off. Kohki Ohara Ricoh Co. So, the standard has adopted equation 4 for the accelerated characteristic.


JEITA / JEITA Standards / Electronic Devices Standardization / Semiconductor Devices Reliability

Procedure of the test time and the sample size determination for the life tests. As a reference, Table1 shows the result of the calculation of the acceleration characteristic of both the test conditions and the typical conditions on the market.

Climatic test methods C: Weight of support tool When the specimen collides with floor plate, the possible step should be taken to keep original position of the specimen against the floor surface.

Environmental and endurance test methods for semiconductor devices Miscellaneous. It becomes free from the table immediately before collision with floor plate. The temperature of the air surrounding the specimen. Scope ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 1 1 3 3 5 23 2. In this test, the printed circuit board, solder ability, and the SMD may cause complex effects.

Environmental and endurance test methods for semiconductor devices Stress test II. In conformity the relevant specifications when the specimen is cooled by forced convection. A Shape of Shock Wave? If a failure occurs, check whether it is caused by the SMD itself and deal with appropriate action.

Printed circuit board This specification eian the conditions of general printed circuit board. The temperature at the reference point specified in the relevant specifications.

Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corp.

Current status of related companies During the discussion, many opinions were given about test methods, conditions, and criteria. Push strength test for soldering joint Test Method SCOPE Push strength test for soldering joint This standard provides for endurance test methods to evaluate the endurance of push strength fixedness between SMD and printed wiring board at SMD mounted board against mechanical stress is applied from side direction in some external mechanical stress.


Thank you for your cooperation. Take care so that the surface temperature of the sample SMD does not exceed the specified temperature during mounting. Environmental and endurance test methods for semiconductor devices Specific test for discrete semiconductors. But, the new endurance test methods become to 2 kinds of specific test methods that are endurance test and intermittent operation life test.

Propriety of acceleration characteristic ee-4702 equation 4 in the market diaj discussed. However, it is necessary for the simulation to be carried out with huge calculation using the finite element solution method.

3-3 Standards Related to Reliability Test |Sanken Electric

However, there are few actual test examples about the stress due to vibration or self-heat generation by semiconductor devices. Under the temperature cycling test conditions shown in Table 1, a majority said that there was correlation with the assumed conditions in the market; therefore, the acceleration equation was employed.

The treatment which the specimens are submitted to before carrying out the end-point measurements with the object eliminating all factors except the influence exerted by the tests in question. Or along with the popularization of lead free, solder shall be lead free solder such as Tin-Silver-Copper solder. Temperature cycle after mounting Test Method