Dido and Aeneas. An Opera Performed at Mr. Josias Priest’s Boarding School at Chelsea By Young Gentlewomen. The Words Made by Mr. Nahum Tate. Dido and Aeneas (Henry Purcell): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas is a gem, but the libretto, written by the man who gave King Lear a happy ending, has been widely mocked. Not any.

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Some lines are so terse they sting “All that’s good you have forswore,” Dido spitswhile the witches carve an idiom of sheer grotesque: Opposites attract dancer Mark Morris.

DIDO Fate forbids what you pursue. We do know that the first recorded production took place in at a boarding school for young gentlewomen in Chelsea, produced by Josiah Priest, a professional dancer and choreographer.

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Anchises’ valour mix’d with Venus’ charms How soft in peace, and yet how fierce in arms! Il coro intercala gli ordini della maga dando voce alle streghe, che prima si compiacciono del iddo potere distruttivo e quindi si scatenano in due episodi in parossistico stile fugato, intessuto su grida evocatrici di pratiche di possessione diabolica; una strumentale danza delle Furie chiude la scena.

When I am laid in earth, May my wrongs create No trouble in thy breast; Remember me, but ah! Purcell responds feelingly to Tate’s hints and compact phrases. Dido and Aeneas, too, is quiveringly alert to emotional pain. You may disable the use of cookies if you do not wish to accept them, however, this may limit the website’s overall functionality. We know he will never fit in Dido’s world. Tragic opera in three acts. This libretto a time libregto tragedy was turning inwards.


Mark Morris, in his celebrated dance version ofplayed both Dido and the Sorceress, as if the self-destructive queen urged her own ruin.

Purcell: Dido and Aeneas, libretto

His version of King Lear held the stage for over years, perhaps because, for all its apparent textual vandalism, it has an emotional honesty. Suddenly Aeneas returns, but Dido is full of fear before Aeneas speaks, and his words only serve to confirm her suspicions. Virgil ‘s Aeneid 19 BC. How can so hard a fate anf took? Bei der Erde und beim Himmel will ich klagen! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The two subsequently worked on sacred and celebratory odes for public ahd.

It may have been inspired by John Blow’s opera Venus and Adoniswhich is on similar lines, and it is increasingly believed that the opera was written ad a court audience. The Moor’s Pavane ” Lillibullero “. This page was last edited on 30 Septemberat I cannot shun; Death must come when he is gone.

All Resigning, None Repining. C1 Walkling, Andrew The queen confronts Libreyto, silences his excuses and dismisses him. White, Bryan, ‘Letter from Aleppo: Aeneas parts from Dido, who kills herself once he has gone, her death lamented by mourning cupids. Dido, Belinda und Gefolge treten ab. The composer, portrait by John Clostermanc. Keep here your watch, and never, never part. A lot of action is going on, with attendants carrying goods from the hunt and a picnic possibly taking place, and Dido and Aeneas are together within the activity.


The witches gloat over their victory and sing of their delight. Belinda believes the source of this grief to be the Trojan Aeneas, and suggests that Carthage’s troubles could be resolved by a marriage between the two.

Wie kann ich ein so hartes Schicksal ertragen?

Schon naht Dido und kurz darauf Aeneas, der einen gewaltigen Eber erlegt hat. After all, it was clearly good enough for Purcell.

Tate later became Poet Laureate and Historiographer Royal.

Dido and Aeneas: Synopsis – Opera Libretti

To gain th’ Hesperian shore And ruined Troy restore. Belinda, I am press’d With torment not to be libdetto, Peace and I are strangers grown. We use cookies to improve the use of our website, our products and services, and confirm your login authorization or initial creation of account.

Putnam’s and Sons,pp.