Direct Tax Payment – Easy payment of your direct and income taxes. CBDT has defined specific forms ie, Challans for remittance of the various types of Direct. NON- TDS PAYMENTS (CHALLAN //) Challan Received the request for CBDT e-Payment along with the Axis Bank Account Cheque No. / Debit. CBDT E-Payment Request Form – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Challan ITNS PAN No./ TAN: Assessment Year: Financial Year: Major Head. Type of Rtgs Axis Bank. Uploaded by.

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Check our article Reprint Challan for more details. I realized my mistake then and responded them with the copy of online challan but CPC is not convinced. Please submit the ITR and eVerify it.

Wait for few days. Now, how to have the challan downloaded for Indian Bank transactions and chwllan get the second transaction amount back.

Re-generation of Cyber Receipt

Thank you very much, very useful information esp as Axis Bank does not have the option to regenerate the challan on their portal, thanks for providing the link.

Receipt has details of person paying the tax, amount, type of payment etc and Challan Identification Number CIN as shown in the receipt of e-payment of Income Tax below. I face different issues every year. How I can solve the problem. For example filing ITR near the deadline.

I googled and landed on this website and learnt how to generate challan from HDFC site, but that site says I never made any Tax payment.


Reprint Challan 280 or Regenerate Challan 280

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hi, Yes luckily I have all the screen shots of every step of transaction. The same thing happened with me while paying the tax on I will advocate this site! I was not able to find option to reprint the challan in Axis bank. If you have mails or communication from Assessing officer then raise it on social platform such as chaklan IncomeTaxIndia How to rectify challan detail?

It was really helpful. If your transaction summary isthen BSR code: Is it an error or they really are one and the same? If the transaction is below: The Banking Ombudsman Scheme is an expeditious and inexpensive forum for bank customers for resolution of complaints relating to certain services rendered by banks. Yes chalaln done against the correct PAN no.

Hi Naveen, Can you tell me what you did? But nothing has happened. We had raised the concern with them and they had asked for pictures tweet Can we reuse them for benefit of others? Amount was deducted from account but still i m unable to download challan. Now my question is how can I get the challan counterfoil in this case. Is the process is available in HDFC for regenerating challan which is not listed in users online banking Tac ee section?

But attimes many people forget to download the receipt. CIN comprises of the following:.

Your company is right they make a group payment. As today is last date. I made the payment on 01 April itself.

It is seen that instead of deducting balance due tax total tax has been deducted from my account. Income Tax department and Bank is not helping me now. However that did not happen.


In my case it worked through Internet Explorer only. Thanks to our reader Krish for information on how to generate Challan Appreciate that you took time to say Thanks. Sharing my case here if it helps pqyment — I had paid my tax using HDFC netbanking in but I never downloaded the challan receipt call it cbct carelessness.

U can find the same in the direct tax payment section. The saved copy of the receipt is corrupt and unable to get the BSR code and Challan number. To know the details of your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer, visit http: The challan identification number has to be cited in the return of income as of tax payment. I raised challsn grievance with CPC and they says you need to contact AO to get major head modified in the challan. Did you file revised against the correct PAN number?

The instructions provided here helped a lot. If visiting the Bank will do the process soon asking them to regenerate the challan?

Chalan download

But the challan download failed. When we tried clicking on https: Thank you very much. Thanks a lot for all this valuable information. Is there any way to get the receipt details?

Pls reply at the earliest.