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The one area of the speaker that has changed least, and which arguably should be first up for consideration when he next revision falls due, is the midband, the domain of the Kevlar FST fixed suspension driver which continues little changed 800c Nautilus days.

And it will serve equally well as the rear channels of a home theatre system. And I have always found much in favour of this driver. Other than that, the midrange is very well-executed, and may well be the best part of this speaker. Orchestral textures reproduce with more of a propulsive quality, more bounce and vitality when required, g&w gravitas, grip and a firmer sense of texture v&w.

The reasons for these observations are open to conjecture, but one obvious possibility is that it is rooted in the way the woven Kevlar diaphragm works. But do I really need reasons to try new equipment? Meanwhile a unique quad magnet design keeps the tweeter running cool and smooth, even at the highest frequencies.

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The original Nautilus was not quite the flagship, but 80d quickly established itself as the de facto range header as the bigger and costlier was all but unusable in normal surroundings, its bass always sounding unwieldy and slow to these ears. Its curved external shape avoids the unwanted acoustic effects caused by flat baffles and sharp cabinet edges.

Red plot is Diamond, with a trasparent layer of the D over top. Otherwise all is much as before. Most alloy domes have a first HF resonance around or a little above 20kHz, and the best of breed alloy or titanium domes come in around 27kHz.


Setup is not inordinately complicated, though you’ll find you don’t need enormous amounts of room. The answer is that the frequency response is a great strapline for a technology story, but it really isn’t the most important factor.

The Syntheses make it easy for you to relax and stay on the couch the entire evening. This so called g&w is 80d for the imaging and other aspects of the sound. Back to the Diamond. This was surprising because I know that the Transparent is also pretty smooth and the Golden Reference is said to be very neutral yet I find it sounding much like the Golden Crosss, which is forgiving, friendly, smooth and never harsh.

The Series Diamond represents the pinnacle of our technological achievement, and the sum total of almost 50 years of research and development at the cutting edge of acoustic design. Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier. The Diamond could be said to be more accurate and more dynamic but it was also ruthless.

In Summary The D is a startling revision of an already excellent high-end full bandwidth design of striking appearance and superb build. When I bypassed that EQ, the bass immediately became more taut and defined. The main area of criticism was the overall balance, which tended to be on the lean side of neutral.

What Hi-Fi?

A more potent electromagnetic engine drives the new woofers, powered by a motor system with two neodymium magnets to provide a more symmetrical magnetic field over long excursions, thereby reducing distortion and increasing dynamic response. Sound But I’m getting ahead of myself. Not only does the use of such bling make for great ad copy, it also makes good engineering sense.

Their sensitivity, impedance plots, cabinet resonances or lack there ofare all VERY similar. Never artificially, intentionally brittle as an add-on effect but also never forgiving of badly recorded music.

Create new account Request new password. The Diamond is nothing less than a revolution in speaker design: The speaker of choice for the world’s most demanding recording studios, and a legend among serious sound enthusiasts everywhere, the Diamond is the top speaker in the range – and very probably the finest speaker you will ever hear.

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This is because they are slightly curved and also leaning forward. The Diamond doesn’t look radically different from its predecessors. Notify me when new comments are added check your spam folder. For example, in the N it can be slightly forward and nasal while on the D it can be too smooth, too laidback and muffled.

Again, my room may be to blame too, but the Maggies just sound more detailed, are more open, faster, and more articulate. As wonderfully versatile as its smaller brother the Diamond, the elegant, floorstanding Diamond has an even more commanding acoustic presence, thanks to a true three-way design incorporating two Rohacell bass units, an FST midrange and a diamond dome tweeter delivering pin-sharp clarity all the way up the frequency range.

The sound can really be very 3D. Superior drive units isolated in separate chambers produced sound of unheard-of-realism and made the a fixture in demanding recording studios and the homes of serious audio enthusiasts everywhere. Decoupling b& unit means that any vibration caused by those massive bass drivers has less chance of distorting the higher frequencies.

The absence of group delay extends through the audible treble as well, where the high Q out of band resonances bb&w lesser tweeters generates in band group delay i. The bass is always solid and feels very physical. B&q sounded a bit like the loudness button was always on. The N was 80d once more open and airy but also a lot more fluid and gentle.