Lightning Protection BS – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Information from Omega Red on British Standards relating to Lightning Protection . Including BS EN , BS , BS EN to BS EN. BS Code of practice for protection of structures against lightning.

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If R is greater than RT, then protection measures, as determined from protrction tables given in the standard, are required. However, for an existing structure, retrofitting a set of co-ordinated Pfotection is likely to be the easiest and most cost-effective solution. BS EN lightning protection systems comprise external structural and internal surge protection etc. When applying bonding, shielding and SPDs, technical excellence must be balanced with economic necessity.

LPZ 1 sees limited induced current and damped magnetic field whilst LPZ 2 has a further reduction of induced current and further damped magnetic field.

This British Standard outlines the general technical aspects of lightning, illustrating its principal electrical, thermal and mechanical effects. Structural lightning protection cannot now be considered in isolation from transient overvoltage or surge protection. In BSa mesh arrangement was the commonly used layout for the air lighnting network. Your basket is empty.

British Standards – Lightning Protection | Omega Red

BS EN is applicable to risk assessment for a structure due to lightning flashes. Guidance lihhtning also provided on the protection of electronically stored data. Contact Publications Site Map.

Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. September Replaced By: SPDs also provide additional protection over bonding and shielding measures through protection in both common and differential modes. Part 1 General principles This is an introduction to the other parts of the standard. Abstract This British Standard provides guidance on the design of systems for the protection of structures against lightning and on the selection of materials.


Risk management Part 3: At the moment, it runs concurrently with BSbut ultimately BS will be withdrawn and BS EN will be the only recognised standard by the end of August Standard Number BS The guidance provided is of a general nature and its application to specific lightning protection installations has to proteftion into account the particular conditions pertaining to those installations.

The four parts are as follows: The existing fabric and layout of a building may make readily apparent zones, or LPZ 6561 may have to be applied to create the required zones. From that risk assessment, a structure may need both a structural LPS and a fully co-ordinated set of surge protection devices SPDs or just lightniny protection alone.

It is the British edition of the European standard to which all lightning protection systems to new structures, and new extensions to existing ones, are now designed, installed and maintained.

The new standard consists of four parts: Resources and Waste Strategy release. Physical damage to structures and portection hazard Part 4: BS Lightnimg provides information for the design, installation and maintenance of lightning electromagnetic impulse LEMP protection measures for electrical and electronic systems within structures, able to reduce the risk of permanent failures due to LEMP.

This ensures equipment is not only protected from damage but also remains operational during lightning activity. In cases of difficulty, specialist advice should be sought.

It requires the bonding of all metallic services to the main equipotential bonding bar. Click to learn more.

BS 6651:1999

SPDs are required under BS EN ; they are part of the internal LPS and are installed firstly to prevent dangerous lightning currents from entering a building via its services, and secondly to reduce the risk of damage to electrical and electronic equipment and critical systems from transient over-voltages. Protection of offshore oil and gas installations does not fall within the scope of this British Standard. For new builds, bonding and screening measures can be integrally designed to form part of the complete lightning protection measures system LPMS.


Omega Brochures Open product brochure Height safety brochure. Read our latest blog post – A brief guide to working from height View blog.

Search all products by. It includes many more parameters than BS which devotes 9 pages including figures, whilst Ba EN contains some pages. BS EN provides the requirements for protection of a structure against physical damage by means of a lightning protection system LPSand for protection against injury to living beings due to touch and step voltages in the vicinity of an LPS.

Customers who bought this product also bought BS Part 3 Physical damage to structures and life hazards The third part of the new standard relates directly to the main body of BSbut there are significant 6651 between the two.

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