: Blood Storm (The Books of Lharmell) (): Rhiannon Hart: Books. Title: Blood Storm (Lharmell #2) Author: Rhiannon Hart Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Vampires, Romance Publisher: Random House Australia. The thrilling sequel to Blood Song. The rain wanted to be ocean; the ice in the mountain caps wanted freedom. I never knew that water held such longing.

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She’s fiercely loyal and smart.

This book was fantastic, everything that I wanted and more. I can not wait to get my hands on a copy! It has been a few hours now since I have finished it and I so I have calmed down and can talk about it. Blood Queen will be released sometime in I was immersed in her bloodsorm and Zeraphina’s story.

Im still in shock over Blood Storm’s ending. What I realized is that they didn’t need to be in a romantic relationship for us readers to know that they both had strong feelings for each other and that they would do anything to protect the other.

I have no idea how what happened is going to be fixed, but it makes me desperately want the next book right NOW. The world is a fantastical setting that feels real. Looking for beautiful books? She’s brave and even when things are at their most dire, she’s starting to haft like a potential queen and is looking out for those who can’t look out for themselves.

Lharmell Series

Don’t take this personally bloidstorm who liked it, it’s just my opinion and unfortunately this book didn’t come to my expectations and was a bit of a let down. Comparing the events that occurred in both books, I think that cover was more suited for this book, since there was more action and deeper emotions. After a lboodstorm of murders are made known to them, our duo set out to discover what the Lharmellins are up to and who leads them in their quest to infiltrate and take ehiannon Amentia.


Blood Song was the introduction to Zeraphina and her world and Rodden- can’t forget Rodden but the action really begins in Blood Storm. You can’t DO that and then cackle madly from your throne likely carved from humans, she’s so EVIL and tell us we have to wait until the next book to see what happens next.

I don’t want to But in a much subtle, devious, what-is-going-on kind of way. Regardless of the potential and probably doomed ending, I love how rhiwnnon two interact. Hero offers to stay on floor, Heroine feels bad. I look forward to reading the conclusion.

Things that took me off-guard and shocked me. This paves the way for some ridiculously entertaining scenes.

The only problem – the cliff-hanger ending. I turned to Renata, heard her gasp and knew my eyes glowed blue.

But it makes it that much better. I spoke a single word. Zeraphina and Rodden are still bickering companions, and Rodden is as mysterious as ever.

Zeraphina is one of those heroines that make me like her more with every word I read about her. He has held on to that guilt since, determined bolodstorm seek revenge when he sees Servilock again. Rhiannon Hart has written yet another enticing read.

He barely makes it out alive, losing his eye in the process. After the way this book finished I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Amentia would be the obvious place Folsum’s sister would expect her to be.

Rhiannon Hart remembers writing before she could read, puzzling over the strange squiggles in Jeremiah and the Dark Woods by Janet and Alan Ahlberg and putting her own words in their places.

Blood Storm (Lharmell, #2) by Rhiannon Hart

Blood Storm by Rhiannon Hart ends 7th Oct. They have put the poison in glass balls that all have a master glass.

Not to worry, Zeraphina can take care of herself To view it, click here. Reading past midnight because a book has captured me is the absolute best feeling.


Blood Storm (Books of Lharmell, book 2) by Rhiannon Hart

It really made the wait for even just a hint of romance much more rewarding and satisfying. And we get to find out more about the mysterious Rodden’s past.

He suffers from tons of guilt bloodsrorm regret. The Harmings job, since they can pass for rgiannon, is to go out and bring back new recruits and food blood. While on this journey, Zeraphina and Rodden cross the lands, the deserts, and seas in search for components of a weapon that are lethal to the Lhar A storm is approaching and Zeraphina and Rodden know why. About Rhiannon Hart Rhiannon Hart remembers writing before she could read, puzzling over the strange squiggles in Jeremiah and the Dark Woods by Janet and Alan Ahlberg and putting her own words in their places.

Now Rhiannon Hart continues the fantasy adventure with Blood Storm and it’s another effortless read chock full of quest-like danger and excitement, romantic tension, and wicked creatures in a unique world. When she’s not reading or writing she is belly dancing, chasing after other people’s cats, or putting the pedal to the floor at her sewing rhianno.

Lharmellen drink blodstorm and live in what was once a volcano. Adventure in the world and exploration of the characters psyches, my favourite combination! Feb 22, Celine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Training with her trusty bow and arrow — ruiannon well as her drain cat, Leap and loyal eagle, Griffin — Rodden has been trying to get Zeraphina prepared for fighting the Lharmellians.

I love that he has high expectations of Zeraphina and that he treats her as an equal.