BGI 511-1 PDF

tool: “Fist aid notes” (“Verbandbuch” see BGI • tool: “Report paper – first aid notes ” (“Meldezettel – Erste Hilfe Verbandbuch“). Our directory booklet guarantees the proper documentation of the first aid services in accordance with BGI and includes a preprinted. The Association Book of Holthaus Medical, for businesses, there are 2 different versions – BGI A4 and BGI DIN A5.

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Film bag self adhesive. The splinter forceps Feilchenfeld from Holthaus Medical is 9 cm long and is used to remove as Metal or wood splinters.

Eye rinsing solutions clean the eyes from irritating substances or foreign matter. Interested in buying products?

Holthaus Medical Association book, BGI A4 or BGI DIN A5

This refill set is certified according to DIN and can be used to refill our 27 x 19 x 9,5 cm first aid kit. The lockable cabinet Famulus Association of Holthaus Medical, is a 1-door plastic first aid cabinet with 7 compartments and 3 door compartments.

Please feel free to contact our 511-11 team for further information considering first aid equipment.

This refill set is certified according to DIN Asid Bonz Inhalation Mask, cm tube, 10 items, different versions. Ratiomed resuscitator with mask, incl. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For more information see the privacy policy. First aid bags are easy to transport. This is possible when you are affiliated with a dealer in your area.


Plum rinsing station for 1x1L with wall mount and pictogram.

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Fittings for Bathrooms Fittings for Interior Lifting and transporting devices that have been specially developed for the glass trade make this work easier. To category Industrial Products.

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You agree that your data will be used to process your request. Different sizes available, e. Our selection of first aid materials is constantly being expanded.

The childrens blanket of Noba, size xcm, is made of metallised foil and serves as an protection from cold, heat, rain and wind. Holthaus Medical tooth rescue Dentosafe, 48 Hour, nutrient solution.

The Asid Bonz inhalation masks are made of especially soft, medical PVC and possess a safety tube with stern lumen. Apart from its long-standing experience of 25 years in glass bonding, Request account Find a Kramp dealer.

Select columns to display. Glass Bonding Glass bonding technology has developed in recent years to become an 5111-1, state of the art form of technology bggi the glass processing industry.

First aid materials – emergency equipment – fist aid kits The selection of first aid materials includes first aid suitcases and bags in different sizes. Holthaus Medical splinter forceps Feilchenfeld, 9 cm, 1 item. Repair glazing and restoration work will continue to be important in the future, too.


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Please find further information at the bottom of the page. This begins with cutting, assembly of panes and windows as well as the required measuring techniques and includes lead and brass glazing. Read 5511-1 about Kramp Cookies. Hot and Cold Compresses are durable, reusable and suitable to aid in the treatment of minor sporting injuries.

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