BattleTech: Interstellar Players – Truth–or Smoke and Mirrors? In a universe spanning more than a thousand light years, the mighty House. Interstellar Player NPCs. Belters in Game Play. Belter Augmentations. New Mercenary Employer: Uncle Chandy. Thuggee-Manei Domini. The latest BattleTech (BT) setting sourcebook to be released, Interstellar Players 3: Interstellar Expeditions (ISP3: IE) looks at the mysteries of mankind’s.

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Insinuating their influence into every level of society and government, from the Magistracy of Canopus to the Clan vattletech, these hidden power brokers can make life difficult for the average Joe, or shake the very foundations of the Inner Sphere.

The last of the Periphery sections, Rimward Wonders, presents the area beyond Canopus and Taurus as something of an anomaly compared to the other three regions, with historic fears brought from earth given as a possible reason. I get the feeling Clan Wolverine is going to be constantly dangled in front of the players as bait, being a great unsolved mystery since the HARD story was unvieled and it raised a lot of rukus as a result.

The Competition section assesses the motivations and goals of the other powers and groups engaged in exploitation both within and outside of the Inner Sphere.

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Rome and Luke Robertson, some of whom are well known for their excellent work on previous sourcebooks. Several of these realms would come to play a larger role in the history of the BT Universe going forward, with their motives and actions effecting both the Clans and Inner Sphere. The first releases in was the second edition of the Periphery Sourcebookwhich updated the powers of the original edition, especially with regards to the Clan Wars and technological renaissance.

With IE now a large and vigorous corporate player, a vehicle for providing a look at the deeper Periphery realms and mysteries of the Word of Blake in the Inner Sphere was at hand.


Any of these shadowy groups, from this sourcebook or the gamemaster’s imagination, can become the ultimate villain in any type of BattleTech campaign. Description In a universe spanning more than a thousand light years, the mighty House leaders and Clan Khans rule their star empires with absolute power The second major section outlining the Periphery is called the Anti-Spinward Empires.

Ask Seller A Question. Enter the name of the series to add the book to it. The world of Farhome, initially described in earlier works, is looked at in detail, through the eyes of academia, an interesting viewpoint for such a discussion.

This sector has the most to offer in terms of new realms and reachable worlds. Battletech Interstellar Players Series by cover. Why Shop With Us? Payment policy Payment is expected within 3 days of the interstelkar. Coreward Legacies is the first section to show readers the new material for the regions beyond the Inner Sphere.

Although it tries to convey the feel of interstellar exploration, it does not grab the reader in the way art for several other recent projects has. Like How-To or Painting articles? By default, it sorts by the number, or alphabetically if there is no number.

However, if you are an Inner Sphere focused player, you might not get much from this work and pure table top gamers will find less in this book to use than others.

What is unusual is the absence of a section on the Hanseatic League, however, this was intentional according to author comments on the BattleTech Forums. To create a series or add a work to it, go to a “work” page. The Rules section provides role-players with new affiliations for the Deep Periphery, some of which will be very battlerech to play, with several new creatures are added, just to spice things up. For any questions please feel free to contact us! If you want to force a particular order, use the character to divide the number and the battlrtech.

Guide to Covert Ops. Although the many bathletech realms and systems included are a huge positive, information is not provided on all those shown on the new maps. We do not intentionally sell counterfeit items. Additionally, the realm revealed in this area is a fascinating utopia with a curse that binds it to its current existence, something that will make adventures here interesting to say the least. We only accept payments through PayPal.


Let your imaginations run wild! Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the “works” in question.

The Explorer Corps is now cast in a very different light, one that is not all that surprising when thought is given to it, but very different from the image presented in Explorer Corps. House Marik by FanPro. Authenticity Shipping Payment Returns Support Authenticity All the books, movies and music discs sold in our store are authentic. There is some recycled material from previous works, but this is limited and most of the book in new material, covering new factions and worlds, with earlier material simply providing context.

Interstellar Players

Support Batrletech any questions, feel free to contact us. Although it answers a few questions, the fiction also throws up many more and perhaps ends the chance to close some investigations. Shipping We offer combined postage for additional items at no extra charge. The introduction covers why the book is the way it is and is short and to the point.

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This is an interesting section, written from the perspective of IE. IEtakes players to the edge of human space and both backwards and forwards in time, providing detail on some of the earlier colonial surges and their results. We can provide an Australian tax invoice inclusive of GST on request.