touch of Portuguese, Dutch and Indonesian influences, the Peranakan ( meaning ‘locally born’ in Malay) culture refers to men as ‘baba’ and women as ‘ nonya’. the baba nyonya community (also known as the Straits Chinese). It evolved in The peranakan culture is a unique blend of two cultures. The article presents: (1) a comparative study of interpretation types of Baba and Nyonya tourism and evaluates the interpretation results in four countries, (2) the.

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The word “Nyonya” also commonly spelled as nonya is a Javanese loan honorific word from Dutch Nona grandma meaning: As for nyony word “Baba” is a Persian loan-word borrowed by Malaysian as an honorific solely for grandparents; it was used to refer to the Straits-Chinese males. The term originated from Hindustani speakers such as vendors and traders and become part of common vernacular. What is interesting about Baba Nyonya is their intermarriage.

It is between the early Chinese settlers and local Malay has created a unique culture which is not commonly fulture. Well, they aren’t muslims at culturw. They actually involve pork in their lifestyle. And they still preserve their traditional Chinese ceremony very well until today. This is because, during the 15 and 16 centuries, the local Malays are mostly from Indonesia. Besides that Straits Chinese no longer speak the dialect of their ancestors but a language of their own known as Baba Malay a Malay patois consists of many Hokkien words.

In the dressing side, the women will normally wear traditional Malay costumes like the “Baju Kebaya”. It is a form of blouse woven with silk.


Foot-binding, a vulture carried over from China. Their nyoyna also include baju panjang long dressbatik sarung batik wrap-around skirt and kerongsang borooch. Kasut Manek are beaded slippers that are hand-made with tiny faceted glass beads from Bohemia.

Who & How Did The Nyonya Baba People Come To Existence in Malaysia

Its design often have European floral subjects, with colors influenced by Peranakan porcelain and batik sarongs. They were made onto flats or bedroom slippers. But heels were added as it became modern and popular during the s. So what I want to find out here is, why? Baba Nyonya culture is disappearing? After going through some diggings for the answer of these questions. These is what I dug out. Do you need an urgent loan?

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Straits Born Chinese: The Peranakan story

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