Arta conversaţiei civilizate: ghid de exprimare elegantă by Margaret Shepherd( Book) 1 edition published in in Romanian and held by 2 WorldCat. Academia de engleza: Ghid de conversatie Sherlock Holmes. reptilianul din mine (Cartea a Arta meditativa a Aromoterapia feng Cele opt pacate capitale ale omenirii civilizate. in limba latina. cu o Mita dragoste pentru literaturA §1 arta% Se punea Se §tie cd limba de conversatie a tuturor cArturarilor romani calvini din in pile civilizate unele forme ale ei au intrat in domeniul legendei. in proportii mai.

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I selected this book, The Art of Civilized Conversation: But, conversation is so constant, necessary and ubiquitous that habits can be particularly hard to change.

This book is a worthwhile read, for everyone of all conversatieu. Aug 30, Cat rated it liked it. This is a great handbook for those of us who are naturally socially awkward. This is a poor man’s Miss Manners, entirely lacking in her wit, charm, and grace.

Worth a read for anyone looking to avoid being a bore at any party.

Hardcoverpages. But if you go into this book looking for something more in-depth you A straightforward guide for the basics in terms of etiquette for conversation.

The BEST part is the last chapter on how to talk to children a horribly underdeveloped skill in our world of worldsthe elderly, and people who have dementia or Alzheimer’s, and even adta comatose literally, not figuratively. Want civulizate Read Currently Reading Read. A vast majority of it I already knew, so it was good to reinforce this etiquette. Interestingly – last night I had two of my most chatty friends over.


The Art of Civilized Conversation: A Guide to Expressing Yourself with Style and Grace

Jun 25, Ty rated it it was ok. At dinner, my friend said “Gee, he sure is nice but he sure talks a lot” – to which I responded “Hello, Pot? This book gives good examples of ideal and less than ideal conversation habits. Feb 19, Amy civiliate it really liked it.

Cobuz, Adina [WorldCat Identities]

But as someone who is prone to the faults of interrupting and talking too much about myself, this was a good reminder and I enjoyed it as a quick little read. There was definitely nothing groundbreaking in here, but there are some good tips convrrsatiei how to engage in polite conversation with various groups of people and in all kinds of situations.

And, while the information is valuable and the narration excellent, it is hard to take in large doses. So easy is it for us to be guilty of “taboo” behaviors and after reading this, I definitely monitored what and how I engage with others.

But if you go into this book looking for something more in-depth you might be a bit disappointed. I was giddy to open it up and see what was in store. Author Margaret Shepherd clearly pinpoints the traps and falls of rude conversation and aptly suggests remedies to that.

This is kettle calling! While the book offers some great tips for polishing up your formal conversations, the author insists that all conversations, even between friends, be almost completely devoid of strong opinions.

Feb 26, Jenn “JR” rated it it was amazing Shelves: I felt there were a few too many personality squelching no-nos; I would fear being a bit of a robot if I took her instruction to much to heart. Most of the book is common sense, but it was a good refresher and I picked up some tricks I’ll try. Much of the advice given is, for most of us, common sense. Aug 26, penny shima glanz fivilizate it liked it.


I conversatieo to employ some of the techniques in my bookclub meeting the other day.

And yet making conversation is a highly practical skill: This book shows you how to feel confident and not like you want to shrink into a corner. When the banter gets too sassy in my house, my scold is usually something like, “Hey, we don’t talk to one another like TV and movies; families can have fun, but we have to remember we love each other. Although I am sure my conversation skills will not change overnight, I now have a good foundation to start from.

Cobuz, Adina

Makes you think about things in more detail and consider the comfort of others, which, if you’re as typically selfish as I am, is fantastic.

A good, refining read, although I wish a second edition would be written with an expansion of internet and electronic conversational etiquette, which the authors only touched upon lightly. Anyone not raised by apes should already have enough couth to realize what this book is advocating.

Jun 10, Blanca rated it liked vivilizate Recommends it for: Mar 21, Kate rated it it was amazing. Oct 07, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: