Title, Metamorfosis de monumentos y teorías de la restauración. Volume 75 of Alianza forma. Author, Antón Capitel. Edition, 2, illustrated, reprint. Publisher. Metamorfosis De Monumentos Y Teorias De La Restauracion Pasta blanda – Anton Capitel ALIANZA ED JP Libros de Segunda Mano – Bellas artes, ocio y coleccionismo – Arquitectura: Antón capitel: metamorfosis de monumentos y teorías de la restauración (alianza .

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In reality it seems to be that it carried it Pirla, that began to do reforms mentecatas in the building. This was to finals of Maybe they went students scholars that went some time. To Fernando, that did not do the examination miesiano, but independent, only approved him.

Why you do not come you home to take coffee? You are not hortera! There it arrived a copy of New Form in which Fullaondo had published things of our course. The true is that descabalgaron to Huidobro and to Carvajal, that already never went director of the School of Madrid, but to which this owes him the operation to give entrance to the modern that, in definite, finished consolidating to so many important people.

But in February suspended the Analysis of Forms. I had to ask the commission of service to D. Luis and, sure enough, and like my mother thought, there was he only, in the middle of his drawings.

The truth is that we were not very in accordance with the program —the disentimiento on the programs has been many times, and will keep on being, common characteristic of the groups of projects- but did a solution that worked. All the wrap of the dispute of the opposition was when I already carried a time of chair of Madrid, thenas I said, seated us in square after the resolution of the rector.

Sure enough I approved by course. The Sub-directorate with Aroca was not badly. You speaks a lot and draws little, and I see very well, but am deaf like a tapia. I went like this the General Inspector of Monuments of the State, according to the Law ofand of tothe last before the transfers to the Autonomous Communities and of the new Law of the Historical Heritage. To second course had happened 25, almost all —by not saying all- enchufados for being children of professors or of fellow architects of them.


I think that was a trick so that it was few people, but there were all. The true is that we were to Rome.

Carvajal took a get angry like a metamorfosiss, and we, after ruegos and hot cloths of Fullaondo, finish doing them. One of the times, said: They did the two things. I finished it immediately -the rapidity is one of my defects- and as it did not have another thing that do entitled below my complete name in capital letters of stick delineated to rule.

It was a course without penalty neither glory, although perhaps we would have to have had more patience with Chueca of which had and something had learnt and until enjoyed. I capjtel that it was to when Ricardo Aroca proposed me that it was Sub-director of the School, commissioning me of Investigation, Doctorate and postgraduate. In the second year, in which segui cursando metaomrfosis, remained me the two drawings and the descriptive, that put then in first, but that in the first year of the plan had not done it.

The year in that we begin did not give us an agreement, but a paper of nomination, in which on the one hand it appeared the emolumento of pesetas by hour of class and, by another, sobrepuesto with distinct machine, said that there was a limit of Precisely to the following year, in the coursehad to Juan Daniel Fullaondo Errazu, the director of the magazine, that was the attach of Javier Carvajal Ferrer, chair of Projects I, in third course, the first that went it metamorfsis between the modern.

A mathematical —trio, legal, economy- little appropriate to direct the School.

Metamorfosis de monumentos y teorías de la restauración – Antón Capitel – Google Books

I said that yes, but with the mouth girl. Of here the azulejo like metajorfosis, already understands. We encourage us finally, we present metakorfosis and we win the contest. It gave us a plant of the Institute of Norfolk, of the Smithson, and asked us do for the building a gymnasium, that he recommended without more than out to the way of Mies. Cost work now remember the insane that were the francoist. Only we pay it once and they commanded it always.

The first that found there was a quite wild strike by cause mstamorfosis Projects. It finished us hurting the belly of as much as laughed us. As we went to be missing something to class of projects by cause of this, said it to him to Moneo, that gave us a cut tremendo: It was what Fernando believed and feel like him. I delivered antoh and I read in Pepe Yuste said that afterwards it went us to put 12 churches in heaved.


Afterwards Cantallops taught us a big quantity of buildings of house done by him and his partners. It did some short and lucky comments.

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It is not textual, of course, but owed to be something like this. Under construction we had to Camera, one of the bichas black of the School. I asked it, they gave it to me, and followed giving class in Elements, although I helped also on time to Julio. In September, after the mili, to Ignacio Lafuente and to me had gone out us a fun work. I remember that the simple of Helena Iglesias, in front of a glorious drawing of the Museum del Prado that Cabrero had done like one of the exercises of the opposition and that had blue shadows, said: Fernando did not carry the peel long and, being of Oviedo and son of a modista of high sewing, went dressed of modern form, but very good, jumper, trousers and excellent shoes.

My memories of the School of Architecture | Antón Capitel

To us it seated us in the square a disposal of the L. Helena had been chair of Valladolid, of Analysis of Forms, by opposition, and of Madrid by contest of transfer. I said him that no, because it wanted to be in dedication no complete to be freer with the magazine Architecture and neither liked me go through on of Juan Antonio, although he think that of this mine gesture never know.

But the work of field had to resolve it with students. They called him jokingly, the tiger, because it was a blessed. Moya, as they called him of Pamplona, wasand there was quite a lot of years.