If you haven’t heard of AMized™ Fusion Technology (AFT) you are already 9 years behind the 8 ball. It’s the energy technology that is. Posts about Amized Fusion Technology written by amegaproductreview. Phone, Suggest a phone number Amized Fusion Technology. Local Business. Unofficial Page. Amized Fusion Technology. Posts about Amized Fusion Technology. There are no stories.

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You can also stir liquids with Amega Wand with proper hygiene Use the Amega Wand on face to rejuvenate the skin – try with half your face first to witness the difference. Samples were measured in MHz. This allows your body to access the healing energy from within itself.

Wellness Revolution Amega Global Launch Amized Fusion Technology Zero Point Field Energy In USA

Lessons in Healing, Part 2: For any enquiries, please drop me an email at amegaenquiry gmail. Lessons in Healing, Part 1. When this happens, we fall sick and experience aches and pains.

Thank you for contacting me: Watch this short video introduction to the Amega Wand: They are usually condensed together and form an energy field around us. With the Amized resonance our cells are nourished with pure life force energy, which increases the energy level of all cells tschnology results in all organ and organ system functioning to its optimum performance and with the increase of energy level our body is able to “repair” or “heal” itself if there are any deficiencies.


The AMization process, when applied to matter, whether organic, abstract, stones, amkzed or any other substances will make them techbology at zero point field.

Amized Fusion Technology is a process that changes the structure of molecules and charges matter to give off a zero point energy force that is called Amized resonance. Like little radio transmitters, these particles send out specific patterns called waves into their surroundings.

But when I got rid of the pain in my knee I’ve tehcnology for years from a car accident in about 2 minutes, I walked away a believer.

Many books have been written about Energy Medicine, the electromagnetics of our body, our subtle energy and Vibrational Medicine. When this energy is condensed into matter, information is stored in the molecular structures that have vibratory frequencies, commonly known as the electromagnetic spectrum.

More of my own experiences in the coming posts. Likewise, beta rhythms at the correct frequency can influence the spin velocity with liquid. It aids immunity by cleansing, charging, and rejuvenating our body’s cells, thus it aids age-effect trchnology, promotes healthy cells and expels diseases. Enter a valid Email. Hagglund MD, discussing the Amega Wand: I do my best to reply fision 24 hours with the exception of the weekend Every person sends out waves of different lengths, as unique as fingerprints.

Energy Healing – Developments of Amized Fusion Technology – Conference call

Even our emotions are made up of energy. Human beings are nothing more than a set of condensed energy made up by more than 70 trillion cells. These products then act as a medium to attract even more Zero Point Energy into our tecnology to help it self-regulate and self-maintain, thus harmonizing and bringing balance to all aspects of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.


Together with the intelligence of our amazing body, the incredible Zero Point Field Energy can transform our energetic distortions, energetic disruptions and energetic disorders to give us energetic empowerment, energetic protection and energetic wellness.

Amized Fusion Technology | Amega Product Review

When administered for a period of time, it aids cell rejuvination, enhancing our inner vitality. They also report a greater sense of ease with their body. There is a correlation between our physical body, our energetic system and also the information system within our body.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Thursday March 11th 9: Amized Fusion Technology – which resonates at Zero Point Energy to help our body access the source of the universal life force energy, which our body needs to promote health.

Even if we were to make sure that we eat healthy, sleep early and stay away from unhealthy environments, it would be quite a feat to avoid the common electrical appliances and technological gadgets that have brought so much convenience to our lives. Is it a miracle cure all? Why do people experience pain and discomfort when they fall sick?