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NavList: Re: History of the Nautical Almanac ()

From January 1,the “astronomical day” is dropped from the American and British almanacs apparently the Nautoco made this switch about The majority of the features of the new unified almanac are derived from the American almanac.

Beginning of publication of the French “Ephemerides Nautiques” [possibly without this title], designed for mariners, alongside the astronomically-oriented “Connaissance des Temps”. Sight reduction tables added to “The Nautical Almanac”.

An appendix explained how to calculate predicted lunar distances and clear them using a variant of Airy’s method until and through in the Abridged Nautical Almanac.

Baixo Guandu, ES Carreira: Abadia dos Dourados, MG Carreira: The earlier list included a half-dozen different stars. The British printing, but not the otherwise identical American printing, included a brief history of the almanac, extracted later in “Man Is Not Lost”.


The list of 57 navigational stars in the AmNA and the AbNA the list of “selected stars” reaches its final modern form.

Precursor of Sumner’s method.

Santa Luzia, MG Carreira: Botafogo SP a All ephemerides in mean time instead of apparent time, except the noon position of the Sun which is listed both for mean time and apparent time. Spanish Nautical Almanac name simplified to “Almanaque Nautico”.

Rio Negro, PR Carreira: Rio de Janeiro, RJ Carreira: Campina Grande, PB Carreira: Your first on-topic post automatically makes you a member. Chauvenet’s tables for correcting lunar distances same as French lunar distance tables again copied in part?

Tables for finding the latitude of a place by altitudes of Polaris. Chauvenet’s tables for correcting lunar distances.

Sumulas-Tchê – Almanaque

Until at leastFrench lunar distance tables and other almanac data were only published about one year in advance rendering the French almanac less relevant to long ocean voyages.


Montes Claros, MG Carreira: Presidende Vargas, MA Carreira: Santos, SP Outros Clubes: Arroio dos Ratos, RS Carreira: The title of the jointly published American and British nautical almanacs is changed to “The Nautical Almanac” joint publication of identical content beginning with the volume for the yearfirst volume with the common title for Significant revision of the AmNA.

Novo Hamburgo, RS Carreira: The star numbers are not considered permanent and stars shift on the list due to additions and also precession.

Belo Horizonte, MG Carreira: Crie um website ou nauticp gratuito no WordPress. Second Edition of the “Tables Requisite Barra Bonita, SP Carreira: Alvorada do Sul, PR Carreira: Nova Londrina, PR Carreira: Juiz de Fora, MG Carreira: To cancel email delivery, send a message to NoMail[at]fer3.

Nova Andradina, MS Carreira: That’s where the action happens. It was primarily for lunars.